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Autel AP200 Dpf – Def Capabilities For 2015 4 Cyl Sprinter

I got a chance to play a little bit the Autel AP200 on my Mercedes Benz Sprinter2015, 4 cyl Sprinter, but not much. I promised Bob that I would tell him what options it has for def.

There are a bunch of live data options, I didn’t mess with all of them:

For the DPF, you can see lots of live data, temperatures, differential pressures, ash loading, soot loading, etc. You can force a regen while driving or standing, you can also teach in new DPFs.

You can even see a history of regenerations with what caused the regen and what the result was.

As for the DEF, you can access live data, but I couldn’t find any way to teach in anything.

I know, I have Gen 1 NOx sensors.

Another actual test reports:

I have stumbled across some specific SCR service and diagnostic menus but have not opened them since I am not DEF equipped. I can confirm that it will display current soot load content of the DPF in grams and thought that I have viewed differential pressure in Live Data but was not able to locate during last connection.

EDIT: Found soot/ash load and differential pressure live monitoring. Screenshots from KOEO and running.

autel-ap200-dpf-def-capabilities-2015-4-cyl-sprinter-05  autel-ap200-dpf-def-capabilities-2015-4-cyl-sprinter-06  autel-ap200-dpf-def-capabilities-2015-4-cyl-sprinter-07  autel-ap200-dpf-def-capabilities-2015-4-cyl-sprinter-08


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