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Autel MaxiSys MS906 2004 Chevy SSR Key Fob Programming in 5 mins

Hi, guys, today I am going to test key fob programming function with Autel MaxiSys MS906 scanner on a 2004 GM Chevrolet SSR pickup. Through the diagnostic application there is a hot function to perform key fob programming. It is pretty quick and easy under 5 minutes, so let’s start doing that now.

This is the key to be programmed.

I am now in the car and connect the cable to OBD2 port.

Let ‘s go into Diagnostics function first >> And select GM

Tap Automatic Selection >> “Read” to acquire VIN >> “OK” to go on

Select SSR >> “Yes” to confirm the information >> Go into Hot Function

Enter Immo&Keys >> Program key fobs >> Select the number of keys

Read the prompts, and press “OK”>> Simultaneously press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the key fob now! >> Successfully!

Test the key finally, jobs was done.

More functions test on Autel MaxiSys MS906 to be continued...

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Autel maxicheck pro Service Tool Reviews ( based on real test)

Autel MaxiCheck Pro service tool can perform many special functions such as EPB, Oil Service, ABS, SRS, BMS, DPF, SAS etc for many car makes. The claimed car list and reviews will help you have a deep understanding about it.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro service tool carlist:

Select " Product Model" and " Name Of Software" (i.e Audi), then click on "Search".

Look at the image, which shows MaxiCheck Pro can support Audi function of SAS, BMS, EPB, oil Reset, ABS /SRS, DPF etc.

Users' test reports speak louder than the claimed function list:

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 1:

I used it for my 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 and successful. The ABS auto-bleed function was amazing easy and fast! I can finally choose new size of tires and program speedometer. I love these two functions, they are worth it!

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 2:

I was surprised of brake bleed function makes it stand out from other scanners. It saves my money to pay a mechanic to finish the brake job.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 3:

Can’t believe this guy can allow to fire individual solenoids and motor, not to mention bleed ABS module. Amazing price with such functions.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 4:

It can’t recognize my 2000 GMC truck at first time. I emailed Autel and got updated, successfully to bleed the ABS system myself.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 5:

Fortunately I bought it to bleed the ABS on my 2010 Buick Enclave. It cost less than going at a shop. I am super happy and recommend this tool.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 6:

Updating was a bit fiddly, working well on a 2004 Ford Thunderbird. You need to contact the supplier and give VIN to check if the vehicle is workable or not.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Review 7:

I’ve used it on a 2014 Chrysler Minivan and a 2017 Ford Focus for one year. It saves me much more in cost, would 100% buy it again!

To be upgrading...

Any more questions and answers on Autel MaxiCheck Pro:

Q: Is the screen colored of black and white?

A: Antel MaxiCheck Pro is with TFT full-color display, which allows to read it in different light conditions without problems.

Q: Can it print error codes?

A: Yes, but you should save the codes in scanner first, then connecting to a PC to print them.

Q: Does the device tell about locations which are not working well?

A: Yes, it will tell the scans specific senor location, including wheel speed, airbag, etc.

Q: Can it be used for SAS steer control sensor calibration?

A: Yes, but it’s better to contact the supplier to confirm if your vehicle is applicable or not.

Q: Can the it read engine oil pressure?

A: No, Autel MD808 Pro can read.

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Publié à 05:08, le 24/09/2020,
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Program Mercedes E350 W212 2012 AKL with Autel IM608

A call from a customer who has a Mercedes-Benz E350 W212 2012 without any working keys, the car is from US. I used Autel MaxiIM IM608 to program a new key successfully. I'd like to share the procedure in this article.

Now let’s start, this is a blank key.

Tap IMMO function, accept terms to access

Choose vehicle model - Smart Mode - All Key Lost - On Vehicle - Confirm information, then press "Yes"

Check the list and “BEGIN"

Insert the key on programmer, press "OK" - Do not unplug the USB cable, wait for a moment...

Having key password? "No" - Then press "OK" to get a new password - Check the list and "BEGIN"

Follow the prompts, press "OK"

- Connect the device, OBD cable and OBD connector on the wiring harness in sequence.

- Connect the IR key simulator(APB102/APB125) to the programmer.

Insert the IR key into EIS. If it is already inserted, remove and insert it again.

Wait for 10-30mins to get password, follow the prompts again and press "OK"

Insert blank key into IR keyhole, and press "OK"

All key lost completed!

Test smart key as instructions.

  1. Insert the new key into EIS. If the red indicator lamp on the key lights up and goes off, the key learning is successful.
  2. If the red indicator lamp stays lit, try inserting and removing the key for several times. If still not working, the key addition failed.

Jobs has done! It is working perfect. This is the second my Autel scanner.

It is good for diagnostics, too. To be updated next time...

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Publié à 10:38, le 22/09/2020,
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Autel AP200 - OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Adapter Reviews: Small But Powerful

Autel MaxiAP AP200 is a OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner which can diagnose the vehicle through connecting with your smartphone. Autel AP200 supports OBD2 full system functions to make your car more efficient. Let’s go to find the real feedbacks from users.


The small tool does more diagnostics than normal obd scanner, including emissions, program keys, switches, airbags...etc. It will charge fees for second car make, but that is fine for one car or same make car owners.


Compact and easy to carry! I bought it for the key programming function for my Honda Accord. Additional diagnostics features is actually icing on the cake.


I am a former pro tech, simply to use it doing my own maintenance. It is easy to set up and use, it  scans a mass of modules and gets live data which you can easily manipulate. It even tells you what door is open. It is really worth more than you think.


In contrast with other Bluetooth adapter, AP200 tool give me a much wider range of functions: such as BMS reset, Oil reset, EPB reset, etc. Awesome buy I believe!


It is very nice to carry a small code reader when traveling. Great having a professional diagnostic tool on my phone, which can test O2 sensor, test Evap, read dash indicator lights, ABS, SRS, full transmission diagnostics... and much more.


I bought AP200 to resolve my troubleshoot ABS sensor on my 2016 Silverado and it succeed. But you may need to download more apps, or pay extra cost for other vehicle model. It is cheap enough, not a problem.


Got this Bluetooth scanner, which help to solve engine problem on my Honda 2004 Civic and a 2008 Accord. It works really smooth on my android phone, and gives me a relieve during long drives.


I am tired of paying $150 for dealer only to clear codes after repaired every time. So I decided to buy a OBD2 scanner and do it myself. AP200 connects the vehicle with my phone, and let me clear all codes. Works flawlessly!

Review 9:

I only work for my own cars, so I can’t afford a $800-$1000 diagnostic tool. But I need something better rather than a simply code reader. It charges $21.99 per year for different manufactures, that is not expensive for me. The other professional scanner will charge more, if I had a shop I would do.

This Bluetooth scanner works easy on the car with my phone. I can use it to read BCM, transmission codes and reset the systems. A normal code reader won’t show up these codes. It will be an important tool if I am gonna buy a used-car. It can help to find out the actual problem before buying.

I will recommend Autel AP200 if you can’t afford a expensive scanner. Just to download required apps on your phone, then can easily to connect with bluetooth to diagnose your car.

More reviews about Autel MaxiAP AP200 to be updating...

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Publié à 10:31, le 22/09/2020,
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Programmation des touches Audi 2014 A4L par Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus KC501

Tutoriel: Programmation des touches Audi 2014 A4L avec Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus Xtool KC501. Préparation: Une clé d'origine (peut fonctionner normalement) Une nouvelle clé (ne fonctionne pas avant la programmation) Xtool X100 PAD3 + Xtool KC501 (Bon à savoir: Xtool X100 PAD3 est identique à X100 PAD Elite) Procédure: Entrez Xtool X100 PAD3 menu principal, cliquez sur "Diagnostic". Appuyez sur "Audi", puis sur "Accepter" la clause de non-responsabilité. Appuyez sur «4the / 5th Immobilizer system». Il apparaît "Allumer le commutateur d'allumage", veuillez insérer la clé d'origine dans le commutateur d'allumage, puis de nouveau pour appuyer sur "Oui" sur l'écran. Appuyez sur "5ème système d'immobilisation". Appuyez sur "Faire correspondre la clé". Lisez les données Immokey. Entrez un nom de fichier.


Appuyez sur "OK". Appuyez sur "OK" lorsque l'opération est terminée. Afficher les données immokey incl. Numéro VIN, numéro de clé, etc. Retour pour appuyer sur «Créer une clé de revendeur». Connectez et allumez Xtool KC501 . Appuyez sur "Ok". L'appareil n'est pas lié, assurez-vous de le lier avant de l'utiliser, qu'il soit lié ou non? Appuyez sur "Oui" et vous verrez "Succès de liaison". Appuyez sur "Créer une clé A4 / A5 / Q5". Mettez une clé prête à être ajoutée à la bobine de Xtool KC501. Rendre le succès clé du concessionnaire. Appuyez sur "Faire correspondre la clé". Entrez le nombre de clés à faire correspondre. Appuyez sur "Ok". Le tableau de bord affiche «1/2». Retirez la clé d'origine du contact.



Le tableau de bord affiche maintenant "2/2". 
La nouvelle clé a été programmée avec succès par X100 PAD Elite / Xtool Pad3 plus KC501. Testez maintenant la télécommande des deux touches. La nouvelle télécommande à clé fonctionne après la programmation. Ensuite, pour vérifier s'ils peuvent démarrer la voiture ou non, insérez simplement une nouvelle clé dans le contact. 

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